MCLB increases base security

The sign adorning the entrance to the Marine Corps Logistics Base. / From file

All Marine installations including the MCLB in Albany were instructed to increase their security level from "ALPHA", the lowest level to "BRAVO" the second security level. The directive comes as a general safety precaution in light of the 9/11 attacks ten years ago.

MCLB Public Affairs Officer 1st Lt. Kyle Thomas says there have been no direct threats to the base. He says the security increase is simply a safety precaution they're taking in light of the 9/11 anniversary this Sunday.

The increased threat level will include random vehicle and identification checks so officials are asking those who live and work on base to give themselves extra time when traveling on and off of base because of security checks. "People need to understand they're not being profiled, this is part of the new force protection condition that we have. The reason being is that there is no indication of a threat. That might be one of the first questions they ask themselves. 'Is there something going on should I be worried about my safety or the safety of my friends and family who work on base?' - not the case" says Thomas.

The base will remain under the "BRAVO" security level until officials say otherwise.