MCLB goes "green" for Earth Day

small squad of soldiers now did their part clean up their community

Some local marines got an early jump on earth day Wednesday morning, taking out some time to clean up the roads near the base.

When you think about weapons and you think about marines automatic machine guns might come to mind. But today their weapon of choice was a trash bag.

"As you can see there is a decent amount of trash that we decided to come out and help clean up," said Staff Sgt. John Jenkins.

A small squad of soldiers now doing their part clean up their community, they went outside the base lines looking for litter left on the side of the road.

"Show the community that we care, show that we do have a gentle side and we're just not all about showing brute force and our fighting ability," said Jenkins.

Mock Road is a main thorofare going into and out of Albany and a lot of the time it's a place where people like to throw their trash on the side of the road. The marines say they're finding glass bottles some cigarette butts and toys.

"There is always debris on the side of the road and stuff, people tend to throw trash outside of the windows but it's not as bad we thought it would be," said Lance Cpl. Alonzo Cruz.

"You know you got stuff in your car that you know you want to throw away. It doesn't take too much time to find the nearest trash can and throw it away and be able to go on your way," said Jenkins.

After they finished picking up off the ground, some of the base's top brass put something in it, planting flowers along with kids at the Child Development Center.

"It teaches the kids the importance of the environment that they live in. Incorporating this piece of it is always exciting because the kids are excited and we get to dig a little bit of dirt as well," said Col. Terry Williams.

The Marines were pumped for these two events because they say it's important for them to lead by example.

"It's our responsibility to ensure that our environment is clean and healthy and that we are preserving the environment for our future generations," said Col. Williams.