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      MCLB furloughs may effect local economy

      The Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany began their mandated furlough days this week as a budget reduction method, but the number of those affected has risen from 2,000 to 3,000.

      Civilian employees will be furloughed each Monday through September 16th, resulting in a 20% salary loss that amounts to a $7.6 million dollar deficit compared to last year.

      "Other cuts we can spread, this one is one we don't really have any choice in that matter. It's a 20% pay cut straight to their pockets so that's a hard one, said MCLB Commanding Officer Colonel Donald J. Davis.

      Colonel Davis says though the base can't predict what will happen, the loss in pay may result in a trickledown effect where employees will spend less money in the local economy in an effort to be able to continue paying their bills.

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