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      MCLB: Fire & EMS Station

      When you think of the Marine Corps Logistics Base in Albany, the word Hero may come to mind.

      Fire Chief Phillip Partin says, "we're here to ensure the safety of the Marines on the Base and the personnel who work here everyday."

      But the heroes you're possibly thinking of are Marines, but we're talking about a different kind of hero whose call to service is a little different.

      "Right here in Base housing you have the Marines and their families, and when the Marines are overseas doing their job for the country they need to know that we're here taking care of their families for them," says Chief Partin.

      Just like any major city, the Base is home a Fire Department and EMS Department.

      Paramedic Jacob Hackett says, "our main objective is to be trained for anything that we go to."

      But what's unique about these departments, is they're not two separate departments, they're combined into one.

      "So if we get a call, we want to know that we have the training to do what needs to be done on that call," says Hackett.

      Each person is crossed trained in all areas to help ensure a quality and positive outcome.

      Chief Phillip Partin says, "we have fire fighter EMT's that can provide basic life support and also we have firefighter paramedics, and even though they're not on the ambulance they're on the engine or the ladder and so they'll get on scene before the mobile unit and start perform life saving means."

      Jacob Hackett says, "until you find yourself in a situation where you can't do what needs to be done by yourself, you may not value that as much as those who have had tragedies happen in their lives."