MCLB explosive detection dog being adopted

MCLB Dog Handler Cpl. Tonette Gezzi is adopting her partner, a German Sheppard, Boda

A dog handler at the Marine Corps Logistics Base Cpl. Tonette Gezzi is adopting her partner, a German Sheppard named Boda. Boda is retiring after being assigned to the base as an explosives detection dog in 2003.

"I had to spend about a good week with her to develop a bond with her but she is such a loving dog," says Gezzi.

She and Boda were most recently assigned to Team One for President Barack Obama's security detail in Columbus, Ohio.

Boda was also helped troops in Iraq during two deployments. She has also served several presidential security missions with Obama, President George H.W. Bush and President Jimmy Carter.

"I honestly cannot imagine walking into these kennels and not see her here so fortunately it's going to be a rush to go home to come see her and play with her," Gezzi says.

Gezzi says Boda was nearly 100 percent with detection.

Boda is medically retired because she's developed cataracts.