MCLB Emergency Operations Center at rest

The MCLB's Emergency Operations Center is where officials meet when important decisions need to be made in emergency situations.

Installation Emergency Manager Chuck Lineback says during non-emergency times they're still busy. "We're reviewing memorandums of understanding, memorandums of agreement, we're communicating, we're training, we're reviewing documents, we're creating plans, we create exercises, and then we test theories that our books [say] will work and our plans will work" says Lineback.

All of the drills and preparation are to make sure the base is as prepared as possible for any potential disaster that could directly or indirectly have on the MCLB. Emergency situations can range from a flood to a mass shooting to an evacuation.

"We offer the ability for us to have a common operating picture so that whoever comes in and has to make a decision about life safety for a major event always has a one-stop-shop to find that information" says Lineback.

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