MCLB Albany increases security on base

Department of Defense installations across the country, including in Albany, raised their Force Protection Condition to Bravo

Updated: Monday, May 2 at 9:07 p.m.

The news that al-Qaida leader Osama bin Laden also prompted strong reactions from the Marine Corps Logistics Base in Albany as well as nationwide.

"Yesterday (Sunday) morning at about 9 o'clock we received a message from the commander, the U.S. Northern Command, directing all Department of Defense facilities and activities to increase local security to go into what we call Force Protection Condition Bravo," says Lt. Col. Don Finn with the MCLB in Albany.

Force Protection Condition Bravo includes measures such as 100 percent ID checks: Something the MCLB already does.

"We already implement many security measures that are already Force Protection Condition Bravo, so once we got the word, for us it wasn't a stretch to implement additional security measures," says Finn. "We called our security team aboard the base yesterday (Sunday) morning, we all met, we took a look at our current safety conditions, security conditions aboard the base, we took measures in certain areas to increase certain protection measures."

But despite the precautionary security measures, officers on the Albany base are celebrating.

"All of my marines today everybody is saying semper fidelis, 'ooh rahs' everywhere," says Base Adjutant Sarah Ray with the MCLB in Albany.

Ray served from May through September of 2010 in Afghanistan.

"I joined primarily because of what happened in 9/11 so for me this day is not only closure for a lot of citizens of the United States but for me personally knowing how far we've come in those nine years," she says.

Ray says a text from a fellow lieutenant prompted her to find out that Osama bin Laden had been killed.

"The first notice I got of it was actually from a fellow lieutenant, and she had texted me early in the morning at 00:02 (two minutes after midnight) saying 'Semper fidelis! It's a great day to be a marine!' I thought she was crazy or something, didn't know what it was about," says Ray. "Finding out that he had been apprehended and killed it was just really exciting. I immediately wanted to tell any marine on this base that had someway somehow not heard the news."

Officers on the Albany base say it is a proud day for the marines.

"Today is a great day to be an American. It's a great day to be affiliated with the United States military service and it's certainly a great day to be a marine," says Finn. "Those of us in uniform and well as our civilian marines are taking the opportunity today to understand and recognize the historical significance of the events that took place yesterday (Sunday)."

Finn says they are not sure when the heightened security measures will expire, but for now the MCLB officials say if you visit the base, be patient and allow extra time at entry points or surveillance areas; the same goes for if you are leaving the base.

If you observe anything suspicious while on base, there are phone numbers you can call 911 from a base telephone or (229) 639-5911 from a cell phone.

Original Story

FOX 31 received the following information in a press release from the Marine Corps Logistics Base in Albany:

"Following President Barack Obama's announcement Sunday that al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden had been killed by U.S. forces, the U.S. Northern Command instituted a force protection baseline change for all its Department of Defense installations across the nation.

All military installations and activities have been placed in force protection condition Bravo, which is an elevated security posture. There is no specific threat to Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany.

Base personnel and others visiting the installation need to understand that there may be delays at entry points of the base, as well as other increased surveillance. We ask personnel entering and exiting the installation to exercise patience and cooperate with members of the Marine Corps Police Department. The safety of all base personnel and our visitors is a top priority.

We also ask personnel to remain alert to who is around you and what they are doing. Contact the Marine Corps Police Department immediately if you observe anything suspicious (911 from a Base telephone, or 639-5911 from a cell phone).

"This is an exceptionally proud moment for each of our installations, from where so many courageous Marines and Sailors have gone and are still deployed in the fight against Al Qaeda and its supporters. While we celebrate this historic achievement with the rest of the nation, their work continues, and our thoughts and prayers continue to remain with those still in harm's way," said Lt. Col. Don Finn, base executive officer."

FOX 31 will have more reaction from the base tonight at 10 p.m.