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      MCLB Albany civilian employees to receive pay

      Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany officials have sent out the following release regarding the pay of civilian employees:Civilian employees aboard Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany were recalled Monday, despite the ongoing government shutdown, and base functions have resumed as normal.However, the question of top priority was "Are the civilian employees going to receive a paycheck now that they are back to work?"The Pay Our Military Act (POMA) bill was passed by Congress and approved by the President earlier this week. This bill provides pay and allowances to certain members of DoD's civilian employees who provide support to members of the Armed Forces.All MCLB Albany civilian employees who were recalled and returned to work will get paid, on time and as normally scheduled, for days worked since they were recalled from furlough."This is great news and we are extremely happy that everyone is back and will be paid for the great services they provide this base and the country in support of the warfighter," said Col. Don Davis, commanding officer, Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany, "We continue to remain hopeful that Congress will pass a budget that ends the government shutdown completely."

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