McKinney endorses Postell for Ward 6 seat

Kowanna McKinney may not have won the Ward 6 Commission seat in this year's election but that isn't stopping her from helping the community go forward.

McKinney is putting her efforts towards endorsing Commissioner Tommie Postell in the upcoming run-off election and this isn't the first time the two has crossed paths.

For incumbent and long time teacher Tommie Postell, it was an honor to face McKinney in the November election, knowing that his mentorship helped lead her into politics.

"I always told my students to be all that they can be and go for what they can go for," said Albany Ward 6 Commissioner Tommie Postell.

McKinney is determined to make a difference by joining forces with Postell in hopes that their collaboration will push the city in a new direction.

"I would like to see our infrastructure improved and I would like to see more jobs coming into our community," said Former Ward 6 Commission Candidate Kowanna McKinney.

She believes the incumbent has firsthand experience in building up the community.

Commissioner Postell helped develop housing units for single mothers and senior citizens.

"Housing is definitely an issue in Ward 6 and through the new apartments over off Oakridge Dr. Mr. Postell has proven that he is definitely on the ball," said McKinney.

She says he's not only looking out for Ward 6 but the community as a whole.