McIntosh community to undergo makeover from Albany HUD

McIntosh projects located on west Society Ave. / Jessica Fairley

To make the McIntosh community more appealing, Albany Housing Authority officials are working on a plan to demolish existing homes.

The project units located in the McIntosh area were built in the 1950's and not much about them has changed.

"A lot of the amenities don't have things such as off street parking and central air conditioning, they need a lot of upgrades," said Albany Housing Authority Exec. Director Dan McCarthy.

The housing board has already upgraded another set of units within the same community. Homes in that area were built in the 1940s.

Instead of upgrading the apartments on west Society Ave., officials say it may be best to tear the 125 units down.

"Our initial thoughts are to do a demolition and replace what's there now with a combination of public housing and market rate and other affordable housing," said Dan McCarthy.

If upgrades are approved about 300 people will be displaced. The housing authority is working on developing a relocation plan for those residents.

Housing officials have wrapped up a survey with suggestions from people who live in the area. Ultimately they aim to change what the neighborhood looks like to residents and people who pass through the community.

A public hearing is scheduled for Feb. 7th, 2012 to discuss changes in the McIntosh community.