McCleskey Cotton Company does "What's Right"

Ronnie Lee of McCleskey Cotton Company talks about his business doing what's right around the community. / Mike Morrison

In Southwest Georgia, you don't have to go far to find great people and I traveled to Bronwood, home of the McCleskey Cotton Company, a company we recognize as doing "What's Right" in Southwest Georgia.

McCleskey Cotton Company deals in cotton but that is only one part of this multi-faceted company. Included with the company is a flying service for crop dusting, a trucking company, farming operations, and the McCleskey saw and machine shop.

Ronnie Lee heads up these businesses and understands that doing the right thing is important.

"I don't know. I think you're supposed to support the community. And we've always tried to do that. We've just always tried to do things the way I think you're supposed to do things and be honest about it" said Lee.

The McCleskey Cotton group is very supportive of local non profits and charities and has raised and donated thousands to the American Cancer Society. They have a conservationist approach to farming that includes water conservation and cutting edge farming methods. They were awarded with the 2010 business of the year from the Terrell County Chamber of Commerce.

"Ronnie does a lot of things that nobody knows about. Both with his physical labor, equipment, employees, monetary, he's doesn't always advertise everything that he does makes contributions in quite ways that mean a lot" said Sally Ioska. "We're like a family, or we try to be. We try to look after one another. Everybody has one goal and that is to provide the best service to our producers that we can possibly provide."

McCleskey cotton group employs 60-70 people and more during the harvest. Running a viable company that provides for its people may represent the greatest result of doing "what's right".