Mayoral candidate speaks to Lee Co. Tea Party

Mayoral Candidate BJ Fletcher. / Jessica Fairley

Mayoral candidate BJ Fletcher made an appearance in Lee County on Tuesday to speak to Tea Party members about the issues in Dougherty County.

Fletcher says she was asked to speak before the crowd. During the meeting, she touched on the subject of why Lee County should support Albany, Georgia.

She says Albany is the hub of the southwest and if the hub is in disarray then the whole area follows behind.

Fletcher believes one of the common perceptions about the area is it has high crime but she says those assumptions aren't exactly true.

"I pulled up the stats. Our crime for the amount of people that we have in Albany, Georgia is no worse than any other county in the state of Georgia," said Mayoral Candidate BJ Fletcher, "But you don't hear that."

After the meeting she urged people to know the issues before making a hasty vote.