Mayoral Candidate John White qualifies for election

The Albany Mayoral candidate will officially have his name on the ballot alongside his two contenders

The election qualifications continue as former Georgia State Representative John White filled out paperwork on Thursday. The Albany Mayoral Candidate paid his $750 qualifying fee with cash, saying its easier than a check.

White's name will now officially appear on November's election ballot, but until then, he's focusing on the campaign trail.

"We will get to meet some new people and we'll get to meet the rest of the population as we move this around this community and we will be doing that, sharing with them the needs of the community and what has not been done in the last few years in this community," says White.

He now joins Dorothy Hubbard and B.J. Fletcher as officials candidates for Albany Mayor.

White's campaign is focusing on bringing jobs to Albany and beautifying the city with some work on reducing crime first.