Mayor of Leesburg signs proclamation

The Mayor of Leesburg signed a proclamation to recognize Career Technical Education Month at Lee County High School Friday morning.

Mayor Jim Quinn said, "The excitement of the kids this morning was nice as they get ready and prepared to go into the future and join the work force."

This proclamation designates Feb 1-28 Career Technical Education Month by the Association for Career and Technical Agricultural Education. From this year on, Leesburg will be joining in on the the recognition of Technical and Agricultural Careers and how they help to boost the United States economy.

Career Technical and Agricultural Director for the Lee County School System, Sandra Parker, said, " We do career activities during the month just to highlight our programs to be able to basically show the students what kind of training we have and what kind of success the students will be able to have."

In honor of this proclamation signing there was a career fair at Lee County High School featuring around 70 businesses.

Parker adds the businesses showcased at the fair will eventually or possibly hire Lee County High School students.

The proclamation is affective as of today and highlights the significance of the fields needed to stimulate the economy; recognizing them as the fastest growing industries to experience growth in the next decade.

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