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      Matt Wilson Elementary sees $5.9 million in renovations

      Tift County tax-payer dollars are being put to work on Matt Wilson Elementary School which is currently undergoing $5.9 million worth of renovations.

      Robby Dasher, the Director of Operations, told FOX 31, We TMre addressing a lot of safety issues as well as just bringing our building up to current standards and doing a lot of renovations for energy efficiency.

      In just 12 to 18 months school officials say the rocks you currently see outside of the school will be a driveway for parents to come pick up their kids. It TMll go all the way around the school and it TMll be fenced in.

      Dasher says, we currently have an issue with traffic in the neighborhood. This school is located in a neighborhood and we have problems especially in the afternoons when our parents come to pick their children up.

      On the inside of the building the school will see new classrooms, new ceilings, and overall updates to the school. The principal of Matt Wilson, Jan Wise, told FOX 31, This school was built in 1958 and it was originally a high school so a lot of the areas of the building were originally constructed for older students so updating it and renovating it will bring it more in line with other elementary schools in the area.

      The director of operations also said along with the outside driveway, there will be a basketball court for kids to use during recess or gym class.