Math requirements for high school graduation could change

Lee Co. Curriculum Director says, if passed by Board of Education, students will have to take one math class per year of high school

Changes to math graduation requirements for high school students in Lee County could be on the horizon.

The state is voting next week on allowing Math 1 and Math 2 along with their support class counterparts (Math 1 Support and Math 2 Support) to count for credit towards graduation.

The Lee County Board of Education plans to vote on a supplementary requirement in August: They say they want students to take at least one math class per year instead of taking their four requirements in the first two years.

The Lee County Schools Curriculum Director Gail Melvin says students can take the minimum requirement of four math classes or they can take more, depending on what their career path or college plans. Melvin says there are a variety of math classes to accommodate students' needs and fulfill the graduation requirements at the same time.

"The state has set alternative math classes like Finance, they learn about personal finance, Business Finance, Decision Making as it Relates to Math -- so there are different types of math classes besides the traditional that we all tend to think about with the trig and geometry and calculus, but career oriented," says Melvin.

She says taking one math per year will help students when it comes time to attend college.

Melvin says the state issued a statement saying support math classes will count toward graduation credits, but may not meet NCAA athletic or college requirements. Melvin says students should be aware of this, and plan their classes accordingly.