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      Marines train with lipstick and fake knives

      Marines know how to fight with all kinds of weapons, but they also use lipstick as an important tool during knife training.

      Red lipstick is applied to the end of a tool simulating a knife during the knife fighting class that way when Marines strike and slash each other they know exactly where they've stabbed and been stabbed.

      Marine Corps Martial Arts Instructor Sgt. Robert Stull says the training can be used in war, or in everyday life. If they're out in town and someone assaults them with a weapon and they have a knife on hand - they know how to utilize it says Stull.

      The knife training bouts range from 15 seconds up to three minutes and Captain Kenneth Barber says it was an eye opening experience. It shows you just how quickly and how easily someone can cut you in a vital organ to look down and notice in a matter of 3 minutes we had so many cuts says Barber.

      Marines use multiple moves learned during the martial arts training including multiple jabs and instructors are there evaluating every move. We're looking for strikes in the vital areas: carotid artery, sternum area, the kidney, ribs. Damaging blows where you strike them well...they're done says Stull.

      Marines say when instructors approve of their technique it lets them know they're ready for the real thing. It builds confidence having a knife in your hand and knowing that you've been trained to use a knife and defend yourself or defend others. It TMs a huge confidence builder says Barber.

      Meaning red lipstick really can help a marine train to be a better fighter.