Marines thank community for participating in Sutton's funeral

Marines stand at attention during the funeral for Steven Sutton. / From file

As Marines practiced in preparation to help family and friends bury fallen hero Lance Corporal Steven Sutton, Corporal Nicole Dickinson says they had to practice holding their tears back as well. "With Lance Corporal Sutton - we could have know him, he was a fallen brother. So it's hard to keep your emotions at bay" says Dickinson.

Master Sergeant Mark Carabello was the Officer in Command during the funeral and says all of the Marines kept their emotions in check in order to be strong throughout the procession and the funeral. "It's important for us to be our best so that we can honor that fallen marine as well as their family. We want them to remember us as being strong, just like their loved one was" says Carabello.

The marines that took part in the funeral detail for fallen Marine Lance Corporal Steven Sutton's funeral say they were amazed at the community turnout. "It's amazing the community had such support and it makes me proud to fighting for our country and joining the Marine Corps the way I did; Knowing that we have that much support and that they're backing everything that we do" says Dickinson.

More than 200 bikes rode in the procession and hundreds more lined the roads with American flags in hand. On Wednesday June 6, 2012 we were reminded that Sutton didn't just leave a small town, he left a small town with a major Marine presence, and that's one of the reasons Southwest Georgia rallied to say one last goodbye.