Marines return home to Albany

Marines return home from deployment in Afghanistan. / Matt Prichard

Several Marines returned home today from Afghanistan after a 6-month deployment. And although they've had time to think about coming back, three words sum up their emotions.

"It feels great," said Staff Sergeant, David Navarre.

But it goes deeper than that, spending time away from friends and family takes a toll on even the toughest Marine.

"It's hard to explain or put into words how we feel, but joyful, happy, grateful for what we've done, and grateful for the families that supported us while we were out there," said Master Sergeant, Richard Garcia.

Others were anxious to get home for different reasons, Staff Sergeant Navarre was focused on returning to his family that is still growing.

"My son, his name is Braxton, he's 18-months old, and I'm expecting another one here in about three weeks. That was my main goal, to be here for that, just to get home," said Sergeant Navarre.

And coming home also means enjoying the freedoms of the United States, something Master Sergeant Garcia says he never takes for granted.

"When you leave this great nation of ours, and go to another country, coming back every single thing you're grateful for," said Sergeant Garcia.

When asked what they plan on doing first, both Navarre and Garcia say they plan on relaxing and enjoying the liberties that come with living in the United States.

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