Marines learn to hunker down during severe weather drill

The Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany Emergency Operation Center (EOC) ran through a Tornado drill Tuesday afternoon.

The drill started out Monday morning with a thunder storm watch and progressed to a tornado warning at which point they made the call to execute the drill at 1:30pm Tuesday.

The main purpose of the drill is to help ensure the safety of everyone on base.

At any given time, there could be upwards of 2,000-3,000 people on base.

Tuesday's focus will be on making sure everyone knows where they should go if there is a tornado.

Each section of the base has an emergency action plan which includes accounting for everyone assigned to that area. Once everyone is accounted for they check in with their EOC representative, which is one of the most important steps in the process.

The MCLB EOC plans on doing these types of drills at least twice a year so they are as prepared as possible should severe weather happen.