Marines go through pepper spray training

Drill over, time to wash the pepper spray away

When most people are pepper sprayed, they're so focused on the pain, they're rendered helpless.

However, a group of marines learned how to fight through the pain this week.

Marines going through Augment Security Force training were doused with pepper spray then asked to go through five fighting stations before being allowed to rinse their eyes out with water.

Trainers say it's important for the marines to be able to defend themselves and other citizens in the event they're pepper sprayed. The training included getting pepper sprayed, having a trainer try to take their weapon from them, kicking, punching, elbowing, and using other non-lethal techniques.

Lance Corporal Cameron Perry says the training isn't fun, however he says it's reassuring to know he can battle through pepper spray. "It felt like someone put gasoline on your face and lit it on fire. That is pretty much how it feels, and you're running through obstacles trying to get people away and it's hard. But now I know that if someone pepper sprayed me, I know I would know how to react since I've been through the course" says Perry.

Of course the best part of pepper spray training is when the marines get to flush their eyes out with water.

For more information on the training, tune into FOX 31 News at 6:30 and 10 p.m. on Friday September 2, 2011.