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      Marines give Santa the night off

      Since 1947 the Marine Corps Reserves have been proving that you don't need a workshop full of elves, to provide children with toys, all you really need is a few cardboard boxes, and a generous community.

      "We've kicked off our campaign in early September, and we've been collecting every since," said Gy Sgt Kenneth Starky.

      The Marines and the Salvation Army, team up on the "Toys for Tots" campaign and say this year's event was a huge success.

      "Albany and all 9 surrounding counties came out this year in huge numbers, and helped support the campaign," said Gry Sgt Starky.

      It's that support that helped the Marines reach their goal of 15,000 toys, that will go to help over 500 families, some of which say they wouldn't be able to have a Christmas, if it weren't for programs like "Toys for Tots"

      "This year my kids, the probably wouldn't have anything because, one thing, I've been out of work for a while, so it's really doing a whole lot for my family," said Albany redident, Linda Henderson.

      Toys will also be donated to organizations such as Hayden of Hope and Lilly Pad, which brings the total number of children, who will receive a gift, from Toys for Tots, to over 4,500, which are numbers that make everyone involved, feel great.

      "It's always good to give back, I'm actually from the South Georgia area, so it's a really good program the reserves have," explained L Clp James Herring.

      If you missed this year TMs campaign, but still wish to donate, visit their website,

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