Marines figure out how to have fun in the sun

Marines check out the Legoland stand / Romney Smith

The Marine Corps Logistics Base recently hosted their 14th annual recreation trade show for all active duty marines, retired military, and Department of Defense employees.

The Information Ticket and Tour Office's trade show hosted dozens of vendors from multiple states. The purpose of the fair is to directly connect people on base with various attractions they may be interested in going during their next vacation. Sue Truver with ITT says they want to make the process of picking a vacation more personal. "They can go to the different tables, pick out information, they can talk one on one to the different vendors and you can get where you would like to go for your vacation. This all ties into how the ITT Office can plan that for you and help you" says Truver.

The show had everything from beach resorts, to historical getaways to Caribbean islands to theme parks. Organizers say they had to have a variety of attractions so they could appeal to those looking to relax, families with kids, and adventure seekers.

Whether looking to stay local or travel out of state - Lance Corporal Madisen Full

says she had plenty of options and appreciates the exposure. "This gives me so much to do in Georgia and it makes me appreciate being here. They have hotels, they have great coupons for everything -which is great! I have a huge bag full of everything I can go to" says Full.