Marines compete to have fittest team

Team Marine took home the trophy! / Romney Smith

By nature, marines like a good challenge and the Daniel's Cup Challenge is a team challenge that promotes team work and camaraderie through three physical events.

There are three main areas to the Daniels Cup: the tote and carry, the tire flip, and the relay race. MCLB Fitness Director Whitney Hendrix says the events all provide unique challenges. "We start off with the "tote and carry" which is a metal sled and its going to have 300 pounds on it for a male and female team. For two males its going to have 400 pounds. It's a 10 yard carry down and back" says Hendrix.

Once their arms are nice and tired â" it's time to use their legs to flip some tires. "We have a 300 pound MTVR tire â" it's got to go 20 yards down and 20 yards back and two people get to flip the tire at a time" says Hendrix.

The final challenge of the Daniel's Cup is an old fashioned relay race, but there's a twist to the rules. "We have them holding a 20 pound medicine ball - we have to add a little resistance in there somewhere and of course all is fair here at the Daniel's Cup so you can knock someone else's medicine ball out of their hands! That adds a little competition in there" says Hendrix.

Competitors say the event is more fun than sport, but don't tell that to "Team Marine" who took home the fastest time and a huge trophy. Team members say they prepared by going to the gym every day Monday through Friday and a couple members went on Saturdays and Sundays!

Organizers say the Daniel's Cup challenge will be back next year with a twist. All of the competitors say they can't wait!