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      Marine recruit's unique military history lesson

      During training all marine recruits visit the Parris Island Museum for a military history lesson unlike anything they've heard before.

      Parris Island Museum Curator Stephen Wise says the lesson in unique because it TMs a different way of teaching the Marine Corps heritage and tradition. The marines tell the recruits all about the history of the Marine Corps back from the Farragut Navy, to the days of the revolution, up to the present. And all of this is in their curriculum and it instills tradition and it instills a spirit says Wise.

      In addition to history lessons marines also get a taste of military fashions throughout the years. We have both combat training wear, and the formal wear and these are all the different uniforms from the different eras that the marines would have worn when they were at Parris Island says Wise.

      While at the museum we met a Vietnam War era veteran who says his entire unit was ambushed and only him and a fellow marine survived. Aulton Kohn and another marine lived in the jungle for 58 days before being rescued. It was scary because we went from the fighting mode to the survival mode so the main thing was survival first says Kohn.

      When living history like Kohn gets a chance to share his story with others and especially marine recruits - he likes to leave them with one main message. They say never give up hope; if you got breath in your body then you got hope so keep on going. Keep moving forward. It TMs the Marine Corps training. All the places I been and all the stuff that I went through even though a few of it was bad but the Marine Corps was still good to me says Kohn.