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      Marine police serve and protect

      No matter where you go, there's almost always a police agency around to protect you. The same thing applies for the Albany Marine Base.

      / Franklin White

      No matter where you go, there's almost always a police agency around to protect you, and the same thing applies for Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany.

      Operations Officer Mike Reynolds with Marine Base Police Department says, "they serve the country they serve our community as well and for us to be able to serve them makes it that much more better."

      Just like the city you live in, the Albany Marine Base has it's on share of crime, and although it may not be the typical crime normal cities see, they're always ready.

      Officer Joel Campos says, "although we're a small community within the city we still have to do our job and remain vigilant to ensure that all security measures are put in place to prevent anything from escalating."

      Each and everyday officers on Base patrol the entire installation standing guard.

      "Just because you don't have the crime means you still have to be vigilant, you still have to not be complacent you still have to do your job and you still have to be able to do your job effectively," says Campos.

      A job that's main reward is knowing the people you work with are safe because you come to work every single day.

      Officer Campos says, "working with civilian personnel and military personnel to provide a service not just emergency response but law enforcement wise ensuring the community is safe."