Marine makes pit stop home before 2nd deployment

Dougherty High graduate is set for his second deployment to Afghanistan

Albany native, Antonio Ewings, is a staff Sergeant in the United States Marine Corp. He is currently stationed in California, where he lives with his wife and two children.

Ewings is set to deploy to Afghanistan in August, but before he ships out his wife Heather said they had to visit home, " we just wanted him to come home and see family, and we just had another baby, and we just wanted everyone to see him before he leaves.

Ewings joined the Marine Corp. 8 years ago after graduating from Dougherty High School.

Betty Jean Lewis, was happy to see her grandson home, "It took him 3 years to get back here, when he flew in here Monday, I was a proud grandmother"

The person most affected by Ewings deployment has to be his wife, " Sometimes I don't hear from him, days, weeks, I don't hear from him and its just the stress on me, just not being able to know that he's ok..."

She says the support from her family really helps when her husband is deployed.