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      Marine Corps Flag symbolism

      The Marines take pride in just about everything and that includes the Marine Corps flag. Corporal Stephanie Bowens says all three parts have a very special meaning - starting with the eagle. The eagle on the Marine Corps flag represents our nation, it represents America, it represents everyone says Bowens.

      In the middle of the flag you'll always see a globe. The globe represents worldwide service, it means that Marines are available to travel all over the world and help out. We're amphibious; we can go land, water, sea, air we're there - all over the world says Bowens.

      Even though Marines are found worldwide they still maintain strong ties to the British Royal Marines, and Captain Kyle Thomas says the globe is a clear example of that. We have the western hemisphere on the flag and the British Royal Marines they actually have the eastern hemisphere, but the way that this is laid out is very closely tied to the British royal marines says Thomas.

      Lastly you'll always see an anchor on a marine flag. The anchor stands for naval traditions and that's us having a partnership with the navy says Bowens.

      The origin and reasoning for the colors scarlet and gold is shrouded in mystery, but one thing KNOW a marine flag when you see one. The color scheme is always going to be the same, and although the emblems may vary just a little bit they're not going to vary much. It TMs always going to be an eagle on top of a globe and there's always going to be an anchor in the background says Thomas.