Marine base holds 4th of July celebration

John Skaggs and his family wear patriotic shirts during the 4th of July festival. / Jessica Fairley

Friday night the Marine Corps Logistics Base wrapped up its 18th Annual Independence Day Celebration.

For one day an empty field on the base was transformed into a summer fun park, complete with activities for the entire family. There were jumping gyms for kids and foods of all tastes and colors.

"It was just a great opportunity to get out and see our marines and just tell them how much we support them and everything they're doing," said Kwajalein Johnson, a retired marine.

Some people came dressed for the occasion, wearing clothing decorated with flags.

"We're celebrating the flag and what it stands for," said John Skaggs.

While kids raced to the top of a rock wall, parents were serenaded by marines straight out of New Orleans.

"We have the Marine Corps Band New Orleans that's going to provide the musical performance of the evening and they also have a roaming jazz ensemble," said Kyle Thomas, 1st Lt. Marine.

The band played songs both new and old. Many say it was an all around good time, but for most, the main treat wouldn't come until the end of the night.

"I love fireworks, my grandkids love the fireworks, my kids love the fireworks, and my family just loves the fireworks," said Kwajalein Johnson.

And after a day in the sun, when night came, so did the fireworks.
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