Marietta hears from Ward IV on SPLOST, awards citizens

Commissioner Roger Marietta presented a town hall meeting for Ward IV to voice their opinions and to award the Neighborhood Watch programs

Commissioner Roger Marietta held a town hall meeting tonight to get input from Ward IV as well as recognize outstanding citizens.

Marietta recognized citizens of his ward involved with Neighborhood Watch programs as well as Albany Police officers who help with the program. He says all of them deserve awards for their work to keep the area safe.

"They're the tips that are coming in that are catching the burglars, and in some cases, a couple examples I use, they cornered a couple burglars. They're not the police and we don't want them to be the police but they're doing everything they can to help the police," says Marietta.

Albany police also thanked the 11 Ward IV Neighborhood Watch groups because they say they help APD catch burglars and criminals. They say they encourage the groups to continue meeting once a month.

Marietta also had community members rank proposed SPLOST projects. He says the Broad Street bridge project, which will receive SPLOST funds, is set to start construction no later than November. Some citizens at the meeting voiced concerned that the closure of the bridge is causing a sluggish downtown atmosphere because of the lack of access to the Broad Street bridge.

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