Mare in Tift County gaining national attention

According to a report from the Tifton Gazette, the mare that gave birth to twin foals Easter morning is causing quite the controversy across the United States.

Officials with the Georgia Department of Agriculture's Equine Health Section confirmed that they have hundreds of calls regarding this horse; people who have seen pictures are saying the mare is unhealthy and malnourished.

The Equine Health Section has released the released the following statement to those who are calling reference to the mare:

"The Department of Agriculture's Equine Health Section, under the direction of Mat Thompson, is working closely with the Tift County Animal Control today, 4-4-13, to insure that the paint mare and her two fillies are receiving necessary care. These horses will be under veterinary care as well as being monitored by the 2 agencies involved during this critical time. Please know that we take each of these cases very seriously."

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