Mardi Gras festival sees sunny weather

Several people got dressed up for Saturday's Mardi Gras themed street festival / Ashley Knight

Thousands packed Broad Avenue Saturday, partaking in the Mardi Gras festivities that were held over from last weekend.

There were bungee cords, rock climbing and face painting for little ones, not to mention great food on hand for the event.

The festival is normally held the first Saturday in March to coincide with the Albany Marathon and bike race, however severe weather ruined all hopes of that happening.

Veronica Williams was out with her daughter and granddaughter enjoying the weather.

"Very glad that everything is so beautiful, everybody is coming out and nobody was going to come out in the rain and the slushy kind of weather, but it's beautiful and the kids are having such a good time!" said Williams.

The party also includes live music--and it will last until midnight!