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      Marcus Holloway sings towards Hollywood

      American Idol 2013 has made its way back to Atlanta and the judges are so excited for the Southeast talent.The contestants lined up around 8:30 Wednesday and Thursday morning and soon after, they were let in to begin the call-back process.Before the contestants got to perform in front of the judges, they had to get their number, listen to some instructions and hang out in the waiting room until they got called to the staging area.When called, they entered through the Idol doors that led them to the judges and their Idol fate.Keith Urban says there's a lot of talent down here. He adds, "I mean the South in general, but Georgia has a good musical history." Even Jennifer Lopez agreed saying Atlanta has so many different influences, "I think it's going to be a, you know, interesting today. We'll get a nice mix."If contestants make it through this round, they will go to through to the Hollywood round.

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