Man wants compensation for seized, euthanized dogs

Carey Culbert says he was shocked to hear some of his 20 dogs were euthanized / Sarah Bleau

Carey Culbert says he was shocked to hear on Monday that approximately eight of his twenty bulldogs were euthanized after being taken by law enforcement on March 20.

"I talked to my attorney because he didn't have knowledge of it. When I told him about it he was as surprised as Judge (Willie) Lockette was that some dogs had been killed so we had an emergency hearing," says Culbert, regarding the hearing he says was held Wednesday morning.

Culbert says his 20 bulldogs were seized on an initial dog fighting warrant which, according warrants FOX 31 obtained from the Dougherty County courthouse is now Cruelty to Animals and Aggravated Cruelty to Animals warrants.

FOX 31 spoke with Dougherty County Police â" who initially took the dogs from the property. They say they were taken to the Albany Humane Society and that it would take a court order to euthanize Culbert's dogs.

FOX 31 found the initial court order filed March 23 and signed by Judge Lockette. It says two dogs â" which Culbert says were in a fight amongst each other â" were to be put down immediately.

The order continues, saying, "The Court further orders that the remaining 18 dogs be maintained for the next 20 days or until such time that the owner pays costs and/or otherwise provides for the maintenance of said dogs. If such costs or arrangements are not completed, then the remaining 18 dogs identified in this matter are to be disposed in accordance to law in an expeditious and humane manner."

Culbert says they were asking him to pay between $4,000 and $6,000, which he could not pay.

Culbert is working to have the charges dismissed and to get his remaining dogs back. He also says his dogs should not have been euthanized and that he should be compensated.

"They're updated on their tags and they're well kept and they did not pose a threat," Culbert says. "Dogs mauling, dogs killing, dogs biting people: yes. Something needs to be done about them, but I don't fit in that category right there. My dogs don't fit in that category."

The other warrant the court provided with this case was Possession of a Firearm by a Convicted Felon.

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