Man steals pregnant woman's car, police chase ends in Lee County

Lewis is arrested

A high speed chase ends in Lee County after police say a man from Woodbury, Georgia stole a pregnant woman's car.

34-year-old Leroy Lewis's wild ride began Thursday morning around 7:30 in Fort Gaines, Georgia.

Police say Belinda Hallman, who is six months pregnant, had just returned home from taking one of her children to school and was trying to care for another of her children who wasn't feeling well when she received a rude surprise.

"She was getting him out of the car, taking him inside and as she did that, as soon as she got inside, she heard someone speed off in the car," said Pam Nichol's, Hallman's sister.

Randolph County police spotted the stolen vehicle on Highway 27 and notified Georgia State Patrol, who were soon hot on the suspects' heels into Terrell County, with speeds reaching 80 to 90 miles per hour.

"The suspect started headed toward Dawson on 82, so troopers were still in the chase when they got to Dawson," said Corporal Scott McClure of the Georgia State Patrol. "He made a right on 32 and started heading toward Lee County."

According to police, they tried to pull around Lewis on Highway 32 to warn oncoming traffic that there was a chase in progress. That's when Lewis turned off the highway and ran into some bushes, apparently with the intention of fleeing on foot. But he didn't get far.

"He tried to get out and run and we boxed him in and apprehended the subject," said McClure.

Nichols stared down Lewis on her sister's behalf as he was driven away by the Clay County Sheriff's Department.

"I know he was complaining a while ago about the handcuffs being too tight and he was crying," said Nichols. "It's almost like you're glad that he's crying. You're glad that he's hurting. You're glad that he's scared the way he scared her and my nephew."

Charges are pending against Lewis.