Man receives two life sentences for armed robberies

Jordan Harris, 22, was sentenced to two life sentences to be served concurrently in connection with two armed robberies at convenience stores occurring on the same night in early 2009.

According to the District Attorney's Office, Harris held a gun to the clerks at the three stores, demanding money, which he was going to use to purchase drugs.

"Hopefully the young people in Albany will hear this message and understand there will be severe punishment for a life of crime," says Heather Lanier, Chief Asst. District Attorney. "Unfortunately, the paper and the news media is reporting every day in broad daylight of armed robberies in our area, and we hope that this sentence will help curtail some of that."

After the sentencing, Harris' mother spoke out to Lanier.

"I wish I had somebody that would work for some of these young people so that they wouldn't have to be placed in some of the positions they're placed in. I wish that we had a system that is about true justice that would do something to bring on correction instead of corruption," she says.

Harris is also connected to a third armed robbery from the same night in Lee County.

While sentenced on Tuesday in connection to the armed robberies, Harris is also awaiting trial for the murder of former Lee County Commissioner Walter Phelps, 67, where he could receive the death penalty.