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      Man arrested for stealing multiple identities and thousands of dollars

      A man has been arrested after scamming people out of thousands of dollars over the past year.26-year-old Kevin Jackson was arrested and charged with three counts of financial transaction card theft and 44 counts of identity fraud.The investigation began after a man complained to Dougherty County Sheriff's Office October 23, 2013 after having credit cards applied for in his name.Captain Craig Dodd says initially the investigations unit didn't get much information but served a search warrant the following week.Lieutenant Jordan was contacted Friday, March 7 by an American Express investigator who said there had been 12 new cards all with different identities applied for and sent to the man's address.The sheriff's office intercepted one package en route to the address March 11 and attempted a "controlled delivery" where a sheriff's official acts as a package delivery worker.No one was home but investigators returned later that day and seized 98 pieces of evidence, all involving identity theft, identity fraud, and credit card theft.There were about 30 victims' information obtained.Jackson wasn't home at the time but was arrested later that night by city police on unrelated charges.Jackson was also involved in trying to get information from Mediacom, AT&T, and Water, Gas, & Light customers as well as stealing mail in the Doublegate area.The sheriff's office is continuing to investigate. There are others believed to be involved.If you know any information, you can call the Dougherty County Sheriff's Office or Crime Stoppers at 436-TIPS.

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