Malcom X's Daughter Speaks at ASU

Albany State University students were visited by the daughter of civil rights leader Malcom X.

Lecturer, activist, and author Llyasah Shabazz was the keynote speaker for the Dr. Martin Luther King Day Convocation at ASU.

"When we play homage to Dr. King and celebrate his legacy, we remember all of those freedom fighters, all of those who gave their lives ....all of those who gave some much to society" said Shabazz when explaining what the holiday means to her.

In her speech, she expressed the importance of giving back to a community, self-empowerment, and about a "life not being about me and mines."

Shabazz says " I wanted them to understand the power that they posses I wanted them to know how important they are and how important they're lives are."

Hillary Scales, a junior at Albany State University, says the speech spoke volumes.

"The most important part of todays presentation is to know your history. It inspired me to kinda want to actually read and actually learn more to give back to younger generation" said Scales.

When it comes to proverty and education, Shabazz says leadership plays a large role.

Shabazzi says "its up to the adults to ensure that this happens I think that we have to understand our lives and be worthy of something."

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