Making Tifton beautiful one street at a time

Members of the Tifton community walked side by side to get to work and make a difference.

"Sometimes neighborhoods and people just need a hand, they just need some help."

They're all rolling up their sleeves and getting dirty to clean up the city, but not because they have to, because they want to.

Tifton resident Julie Smith says, "it's all Tifton. There's no distinction between your neighborhood and my neighborhood. It's our neighborhood and so when we go out and help our friends and neighbors that's what makes Tifton great."

"It's a passion. Not only for me but for them as well."

It all stems from Tift County Commissioner Melissa Chevers, who says by cleaning up it not only makes the community cleaner but more inviting.

Chevers says, "we're trying to bring beauty into our community. We're trying to bring in respect into our community, bring in awareness into our community."

She adds that it's a stepping stone that will ultimately bring new life to the ever-growing community.

"When the businesses come in, they ride around our community and see what it looks like, as so we try to keep it as nice as possible so we can get other people to come in and be proud of our community."

Commissioner Chevers says simply picking up small pieces of trash, can go a long way.

Chevers says, "it's a good feeling when you can go back and look at something and say yes it looked like this but look how it looks now."

She says she couldn't do this without the help of local residents, and says if you'd like to help each clean up happens on the third Saturday of each month.

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