Making sure you're covered during the next storm

Local insurance companies say after the recent storms caused damage to many homes, the claims are now piling up for the two types of policies that allow homeowners to receive money back for their damaged items.

"Actual cash value policy is basically at depreciated value so depending on the age of the home, they're going to give you a depreciated value amount when they settle up, the insurance company, does with you," said Fleming & Riles Insurance Vice President Clint Ivy.

However, experts say a replacement policy will replace everything up to the cost it takes to get the house back to order. For those who are renting, there's a simple guideline to insuring your stuff: anything on the structure of the apartment is the landlord's responsibility, but the items inside are yours.

"If it's their furniture in there, then it's their responsibility to insure it if they want to have a replacement in case you had some structural failure that damaged your stuff," said Georgia Insurance Commissioner Ralph Hudgens.

Experts say be sure to ask your agent if your plan includes displacement fees that will cover the cost of staying somewhere else if the damage is bad enough. No matter where you live, insurance companies add the one thing everyone needs to know is that no building is covered in the event of a flood.

"You have to purchase flood separately and it's through the government program so it's a flat rate for everybody depending on where you live," said Ivy.

Residents who don't have any type of insurance are responsible for all of the damage done during a storm, so experts say it's especially important for those living in a hurricane prone area to have a plan.