Making math a hands on class

Mrs. Zatambra Jones teaches math at Sylvester Road Elementary and she likes to make it a hands-on experience. "There is nothing that you don't encounter in your life that there's not some kind of math that has to be done" says Jones. That is why Mrs. Jones says her students don't just learn math, they experience it, including working out math problems on their desktops.

Fifth grade student Je'quavis Griffin says being able to draw on his desk helps him work out the problems. "When you just do it on regular paper, it just seems boring, and then when you do it somewhere else, it's a lot more fun" says Griffin. Mrs. Jones says she likes students doing work in the open as well. "That way I can walk around, make sure that everybody is working, if somebody is having a problem I see it right then and there - I can correct any misconceptions so it's right there for them, it's right there for me" says Jones.

Mrs. Jones also encourages her students to use the promethean board to work out problems and group work so they can work as a team to help each other out. Fifth grade student Sara Odom says everyone in her class loves that. "Cause I'll help someone else that makes me feel good, so if someone else don't understand the steps as you go so they might can get it" says Odom.

When students 'get it', Mrs. Jones says they're developing more than just math skills. "We're getting them ready for middle school, high school, college, and the workforce. The way I teach it's not the same every day sometimes we say it, sometimes we sing it, sometimes we taste it. It's just not writing, it's just not reading, we live math because you live math every day" says Jones.

Students say they love Mrs. Jones' class because she makes it so interesting and hands on.