Low gas prices result in high spirits

Gasoline prices near the $3.00 dollar mark. / Matt Prichard

Local Albany residents are excited to see gas prices dipping below $3.00 for the first time in over a year.

With the economy down, and the price of everything else seemingly skyrocketing, Albany residents are breathing a sigh of relief to see gas prices plummeting this summer.

"This affects me tremendously, it should be lower though. Somewhere around $2.60 or $2.75 would be fair to the American people," said Aaron Lovett.

Others see the drop in price as a blessing for their travel plans.

"Because I travel a lot, it makes things easier. It makes me feel like I can visit without stressing about the price of gas," said Alvin Lester.

No matter the reason, Albany residents are excited about the dip and price, and hope to see prices below $2.00 sooner rather than later. Wishful thinking? Maybe so, but you can't blame them for thinking positively.