Low attendance headlines DCSS meetings

Two meetings today gather only two attendees leaving board members to discuss the budget among themselves. / From file

As the night meeting for the Dougherty County School Board rolled around, the question was, how many people would show up after only one attended the afternoon meeting.

Unfortunately attendance didn't get much better for the second meeting of the day, however board members were still able to discuss several key issues for the upcoming school year.

Interim-Superintendent Dr. David Mosely, says although not much has changed in the last year the school system is beginning to move in the right direction.

"It was a hold the line kind of a budget, and that's the way it had to be especially with several furlough programs going this next year. But we are beginning the process of rebuilding," said Dr. Mosely.

Mosely also commented on the low attendance, saying these meetings are to give the public a chance to voice their concerns but taking advantage of that right, is simply up to them.