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      Lottery scam or misunderstanding?

      When Bernadette Phillips went to cash in her lottery tickets at Warehouse Spirits the other day she ended up having to pay the cashier, much to her surprise.

      The explanation Phillips said she recieved was that was the businesses policy because she cashed it there but didn't buy the ticket there.

      Fox 31 reached out to Warehouse Spirits today who said it was all really a misunderstanding. The store manager said their policy is to return the money with a money order rather than cash, which is something they do charge for because it costs them money. But the two dollars Phillips had to pay was the cashier's mistake.

      The store manager said he would gladly give Phillips her money back and now they don't even deal with money orders anymore; their new policy is to return the winning amount onto a debit card so they don't have to keep cash in the drawer.

      Fox 31 also spoke to another cashier in the area who said they doulbe and triple check the amount to make sure that they're giving the right amount back and not charging them more than they owe.

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