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      Lots of hopping going on at C.W. Heath

      This was the 12th annual Easter egg hunt at C.W. Heath park

      The Easter bunny was making his rounds in the area--he managed to hop on over to C.W. Heath park to celebrate with the eastside community.

      They started with a parade that left the Albany Civic Center at 4:00 p.m. and ended at the park.

      Kids then hunted for eggs and had a picnic with family.

      Lt. James Williams with the Albany Police Department says family and the real meaning of the holiday is the take-away.

      It's about the resurrection of Jesus Christ. If he wouldn't have died for us, we wouldn't be here today. But the good part about it, he got back up! And that's the good part!

      This is their 12th annual Easter community get-together.