L.O.S.T committee seeks to reallocate resources

Lee County L.O.S.T committee calls special meeting Monday. / Matt Prichard

The Lee County L.O.S.T committee called a special meeting Monday to discuss the renegotiations of funds for the local options sales tax.

With the population growing increasingly in southern sections of the county, local law-makers are looking to reevaluate the process by which they spread out these funds.

Currently the county is using a system from 1975, which Vice-Chairman Rick Muggridge says is outdated and not accurate to how the county looks today.

However officials in Smithville are unhappy with the idea of their percentage being decreased simply because of population. Vice-Chairman Muggridge commented saying he appreciates their concern.

"Anytime there's a change in revenue, whether it's a household or a government entity, people are affected and you reallocate resources. So I certainly understand everyone's concern with this matter.

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