Loose pit bulls send one to the hospital in Albany

1st Update 2/2/12 2:38PM
Albany Police have also charged Washington with having a nuisance animal and not displaying a rabies tag.

Initial Story
Pit bulls were on the loose early Thursday morning along West Broad Avenue.

Quentin Wilson, 29, was walking home from his shift at Krystal's around 4:00 a.m. when two pit bulls started chasing him at the intersection of West Broad Ave. and Davis Rd.

As Wilson was running from the dogs, he fell to the ground. Wilson remained still and eventually the dogs walked away.

Wilson was not attacked by the dogs but was hurt when he fell. He was taken to the hospital for treatment.

Once officers found the dogs, they were monitored by animal control until someone was able to secure them in a fenced in area.

The owner of the dogs, Mark Washington, 24, is charged with animal at large.

Investigators are looking into how the dogs became loose.