Looking at effectiveness of local schools

The Dougherty County School Board heard multiple presentations at their mid-monthly meeting including one from the GSBA Associate Superintendent and on mentoring programs at Sherwood Acres Elementary. / Courtney Highfield

At the Dougherty County School System's mid-monthly meeting they heard several presentations.

The first was from Dr. Barbara Lunsford, the GSBA Associate Superintendent gave an update on district effectiveness. Lunsford mentioned that one of their biggest concerns and priorities are with some of the high schools here in Dougherty County.

The schools they are concerned with are Albany High School, Dougherty Comprehensive High School, and Monroe High School.

She says one of the biggest challenges in those schools is finding really good personnel to be in those schools. What they're looking for as far as teachers are people that have a track record of turning things around. They are also looking for teachers that want to go to the schools and stay there.

The board also heard from Billy Sampson with GBSA regarding the new Superintendent search.

Dr. Lane Price stressed how important it is for the board to be on the same page about who they want to hire. Dr. David Mosely reminded board members these candidates are looking at the board members just as much as they are looking at the candidate.

Sampson gave the board members each a survey to fill out regarding general qualifications and what they think is important in the next superintendent. The board members have to specifically decide what kind of qualities they want this person to have, how many years of experience as a principal, financial management skills, level of education, and documented evidence in goal setting along with several other qualifications.

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