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      Look out for your pets this summer

      Mosquitos not only affects humans, but they can severely harm pets as well.

      Veterinarian Carie Wisell of Companion Animal Hospital says mosquitos can give pets heartworm disease by carrying it from one animal to the next.

      Wisell adds it TMs important to keep these bugs away. If you use a strong repellent make sure to use it lightly, because if a pet licks it they can become very sick; but she says she found her own remedy for repellent and it keeps her dogs breath minty fresh.

      Wisell said, I tried it at home in my kennels where I have a lot of mosquitoes that kind of like to hover. I did, I used actually Deep Wood Off on one arm and Listerine mixed with water on the other arm. It wasn't great, but it was about 50 percent repellent so, for a natural remedy.

      Lastly, she urges pet owners to apply heartworm prevention every 30 days or get a one-time injection that would last up to six months to keep your animals healthy.