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      Look for a "different Phillip" post-surgery

      Phillip Phillips is looking forward to showing everyone what he has to offer post-surgery

      All throughout American Idol, Phillip Phillips put off kidney surgery to be able to compete - but last week he finally got the much-needed procedure.

      Fox 31 spoke to Phillip's father, Donnie Phillips, who is with Phillip in Los Angeles, who said although they needed to do a little more because of how long they postponed the surgery, Phillip is doing just fine.

      "He's exercising real good and he's going to be jammed up. He's been waiting a while for this right here to happen and he's real excited to get back into his music and give you what he's got. It's going to be a different Phillip when you see him," said Donnie.

      Donnie also thanks everyone for their kind words and prayers during Phillip's road to recovery.